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Private Label Dog Grooming Products

Plant-based grooming products derived from natural sources are becoming increasingly popular, especially with well-educated pet parents. We can help you create your own line of high-quality, natural-based dog grooming products.

What Makes Our Private Label Dog Grooming Products Unique?

Most industry-standard dog grooming products are made with cheap synthetic chemicals. These harsh and harmful chemicals strip the natural moisture barrier from a dog’s skin, often resulting in itching and irritation. In addition to using cheap synthetic ingredients, some products that claim to be “natural” only contain a very small percentage of natural ingredients in the formula, sometimes less than 1%.

By contrast, our innovative grooming products (including dog shampoo, dog cologne, dog detangler/dematting spray, dog ear cleaner, and dog eye-tear stain remover) are all made with key ingredients derived from natural sources including plant-based surfactants such as coconut and palm. They contain up to 99% of ingredients derived from natural sources. Most of these formulas contain no alcohol, no sulfates, no parabens, no phosphates, and no dyes. Additionally, our dog mouthwash is also naturally derived and contains key ingredients to control bad breath, fight plaque and tartar build-up, and promote whiter teeth.

Our Current Stock Formula Dog Grooming Products:

Looking for Custom Dog Grooming Products?

In addition to our stock formulas, we can create custom dog grooming products using other ingredients. We also offer our dog grooming products in larger sizes up to 55 gallon drums.

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