Horse Treats

Private Label Horse Treats

With horse ownership increasing in the US, and around the world, the demand for high-quality horse treats continues to grow exponentially. As a private label manufacturer, we can help you create your own line of healthy horse treats so you can tap into this profitable and rapidly growing market.

What Makes Our Private Label Horse Treats Unique?

Our horse treats are proudly made in the US with simple, clean, and healthy ingredients. Our single ingredient treats are free from added hormones, antibiotics, mixed meats, preservatives, fillers, grains, gluten, by-products, chemicals, synthetics, artificial dyes, and artificial flavors. Our private label healthy horse cookies are made with limited natural ingredients such as barley, oats, cane molasses and flaxseed. They are free from any ingredients derived from wheat, corn, or soy.

Our Current Stock Formula Horse Treats:

Looking for Custom Horse Treats?

In addition to our stock horse treat formulas, we can create custom horse treat recipes using other unique ingredients to differentiate your product. Our horse treats are available in pouches or in bulk.

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