Natural Horse Products

As a manufacturer and wholesale partner, Natural Pet Innovations™ is your turnkey partner to create or expand your line of natural horse products. We offer a broad range of quality items including horse grooming products, horse supplements and specialty items for horses. We offer turnkey private label products and also create custom formulations. In addition, we sell products in concentrate and offer bulk sales for those who want to mix and/or package products themselves.


Premium Private Label Products for Horses

Natural Pet Innovations™ offers premium-quality private labeling for our partners worldwide who include Amazon sellers, marketers, retailers, product manufacturers and distributors. As pet product suppliers, we have perfected our turnkey private label process over the last 10 years. Let us show you how quick and easy it is to start promoting your own brand today.

• Deal Direct with One Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Copacker
• Turnkey Solutions for Amazon Sellers
• 30 Day Concept to Completion
• Free Design & Low Minimum Order Quantities

High Quality Natural Dog Products

Your Source for High Quality Products for Horses

Natural Pet Innovations™ offers pet-friendly alternatives to other pet products in the marketplace that use harsh chemicals and fillers or additives. Our horse grooming products are made with high quality naturally derived ingredients to promote health and wellness. Our horse supplements are formulated from natural ingredients to promote equine health. Our specialty horse products are formulated with natural plant based ingredients eliminating the use of harsh chemicals.

Premium Natural Products for Dogs

Our Premium Natural Product Supplies for Horses

Natural Horse Grooming Products

• Naturally Derived 5-in-1 Pet Wash

• Naturally Derived Ear Cleaner

• Naturally Derived Eye-Tear Stain Remover

Natural Specialty Horse Products

• Naturally Derived Pet Wound Treatment

• Naturally Derived Pet Oral Care

• Natural-Based Stock Tank Water Cleaner

Natural Horse Supplements

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