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7 Popular Trends in Pet Grooming Products

As consumers on a worldwide basis continue to spend more on their fur babies each year, research also shows their preferences for pet products mirror their own personal product choices. In the pet grooming product category, we see a growing preference for natural-based and plant-based products, as well as some other interesting trends.

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Pet Grooming Product Trends

As pet ownership continues to rise on a global basis, pet grooming product sales are anticipated to show strong continued growth. As more pet parents see their fur babies as being part of the family (a trend often referred to as pet humanization), increased spending is predicted to rise exponentially. North America Still the Largest…

private label dog ear cleaner by natural pet innovations

Private Label Ear Cleaner for Dogs

Many dogs have problems with their ears including excessive scratching and odor. A dog’s external ear canal is long and vertical making it easier for water, or other irritants like dirt and waxy buildup, to become trapped. That’s one reason why keeping your dog’s ears clean is very important to keeping them healthy. Our Private…

private label tear stain remover for dogs by natural pet innovations

Private Label Tear Stain Remover for Dogs

Dogs with light-colored fur often develop unattractive red-brownish tear stains underneath their eyes. These dark tear stains are a common problem among breeds such as Maltese, Bichons, Shih Tzus and Poodles. Our Private Label Tear Stain Remover Gently and Safely Eliminates and Prevents Stains Our natural-based eye-tear stain remover is one of the most effective formulas…