Private Label Cat Grooming Products

Private Label Cat Grooming Products

While cats and kittens are generally considered to be good at self-grooming, some of our feline friends need a little assistance. Cats with very long fur (such as Persians, Himalayans, Maine Coons, and Ragdolls) often need extra help in removing tangled fur and matting. Hairless cats, by contrast, need regular baths to remove body oils. Older cats, and cats that are obese, or that have mobility issues, also often need help with overall grooming.

What Makes Our Private Label Cat Grooming Products Unique?

Our innovative cat grooming products contain up to 99% of ingredients derived from natural sources. Unlike products made with cheap synthetics that dull the fur and often cause dry, flaky and itchy skin, our quality cat grooming products are all made with key ingredients derived from natural sources including plant-based surfactants such as coconut and palm. We offer private label cat shampoo, cat cologne, cat detangler/dematting spray, cat ear cleaner, and cat eye-tear stain remover. Most of these formulas are free from alcohol, sulfates, parabens, phosphates, and dyes. Additionally, our cat dental rinse is also naturally derived and contains key ingredients to control bad breath, fight plaque and tartar build-up, and promote whiter teeth.

Our Current Stock Formula Cat Grooming Products:

Looking for Custom Cat Specialty Products?

In addition to our stock formulas, we can create custom cat grooming products using other ingredients. We also offer our cat grooming products in larger sizes up to 55 gallon drums.

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